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BWH iHub Pilot Shark Tank

Join us on Monday, April 28th from 4-6PM to see which companies will be piloted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Bornstein Amphitheater.  The company presentations will be followed by a networking reception from 6-7PM in the Cabot Atrium. Both events are open to the public.

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Calling all health-tech start-ups, healthcare hackers, and dreamers! We are excited to announce the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) iHub Pilot Shark Tank Challenge! This is a brand new initiative to connect health tech entrepreneurs and hackers with clinical partners at BWH, which is an international leader in virtually every area of medicine and has been the site of pioneering breakthroughs that have improved lives around the world. The goal of this event is to match early stage health technology companies, projects, or hackers with clinical partners at BWH surrounding the challenges listed below. These challenges are REAL problems currently facing clinical practices at BWH. The stakeholders at these practices are committed to piloting solutions and want to hear from you and your team! We hope that this initiative helps bring traction and a welcome test ground to healthcare tech entrepreneurs in the community and also improve healthcare delivery in the process. At the event, you will hear pitches from 10 local start-ups on how they can help Brigham and Women’s Hospital address challenges that we have in two areas:

  • Patient and family experience in the inpatient setting
  • Patient engagement in the outpatient setting

The goal of this event is to match early stage health technology companies or projects with clinical partners at BWH.  We hope that this initiative helps bring traction and a welcome testing ground to healthcare tech entrepreneurs in the community and also improve healthcare delivery in the process.

Pilot Shark Tank Finalists

Care Thread

Care Thread is a secure, mobile communication and care coordination solution that connects every member of the care team in real time, including the patient and their loved ones, so everyone knows who is caring for the patient, enabling seamless communication via a mobile device. Leveraging our integration with Partners’ clinical systems, PEPL, etc., (already completed for our research grants), Care Thread allows each patient to invite their family and friends into their Care Thread Circle so family and friends always know who is taking care of the patient at BWH, enabling updates and communication between the care team and family/friends while their loved one is in the hospital.On further review, BWH iHub removed CareThread from the SharkTank finalists due to existing and ongoing research and piloting of CareThread at BWH.


CareMon is a care monitoring system prototype based on the latest three-dimensional optical sensor technology that non-intrusively and non-invasively monitors patient’s movement, or lack thereof, while in bed and notifies caregivers of important time-critical information to help with the decision to take or not take action; helping with the “burden of care giving”. For 65.7 million home based patients and millions of patients in institutional facilities, this innovative device could improve safety and quality of care, plus gather important information for clinicians about the behavioral movement patterns of patients during their time in bed.

Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy provides tools for personalized and 24×7 brain rehabilitation via iPads to patients who have suffered a stroke or brain-injury & software tools to clinicians for evidence based care. It is currently used by clinicians in institutions such as Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and is already making a big difference in the lives of thousands of patients worldwide.


Healo is a mobile solution enabling clinicians to remotely monitor their patients post-operative wound healing, decreasing the need for clinical follow-ups. Healo- Follow-ups made mobile.

Home Team Therapy

Home Team Therapy uses doctor designed workouts to help physical therapy patients and athletes exercise at home. Our apps deliver customized exercise programs, progress tracking, and secure messaging tools right to your finger tips.


Patient care is long overdue for a disruptive technological innovation that improves patient safety by giving power to the patient’s voice and hospital experience. MySafeCare is an innovative, mobile patient-centered application that will allow patients and families to rapidly and electronically report safety concerns while in the hospital, to communicate those concerns to clinicians and hospital staff, and to facilitate a response according to each patient’s preferences.


Revvo is the world’s first bio-adaptive bike that intelligently guides users to workout at just the right intensity to trigger a rapid improvement in fitness & metabolic health.

Tenacity Health

Tenacity Health is a peer coaching platform that uses unconventional incentives developed at MIT that are 7x as effective as direct incentives. These incentives are used to change patient behavior outside the clinic, improving satisfaction and keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Twine Health, Inc.

At Twine Health, our mission is to dramatically improve chronic disease management by putting patients in the lead of truly collaborative care that breaks free from the constraints of office visits and blends into the fabric of their everyday lives. The Twine Collaborative Care Platform allows patients and clinicians to work together toward shared goals as an efficient team using synchronized apps that work seamlessly across devices.


VerbalCare is an easy-to-use platform for better communication and workflow between patients and their care teams. Through a mobile, cloud-based platform, VerbalCare provides unparalleled insight to clinical teams by empowering patients to have their needs heard in real-time with just one tap.

Vital Score

Vital Score is a new vital sign for primary care, modeled on the APGAR score, that quadruples the rate of doctor-patient communication about the unhealthy behaviors that cause chronic illness. Vital Score allows doctors to meet new performance standards with one minute of their time and gives patients advice in the most meaningful context, the doctor’s visit.


Pilot Shark Tank – Sharks

Karen Conley
Jessica Dudley
Allen Kachalia
Calum MacRae
Sanjay Pathak
Stuart Pollack

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